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Introduction to Differential Topology by Uwe Kaiser

Introduction to Differential Topology by Uwe Kaiser

Introduction to Differential Topology by Uwe Kaiser

This book gives a deeper account of basic ideas of differential topology than usual in introductory texts. Also many more examples of manifolds like matrix groups and Grassmannians are worked out in detail. Topics covered includes: Continuity, compactness and connectedness, Smooth manifolds and maps, Regular values and Sard’s theorem, Manifolds with boundary and orientations, Smooth homotopy and vector bundles, Intersection numbers, vector fields and Euler characteristic.


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Differential   Topology of Fiber Bundles

Differential Topology of Fiber Bundles

This note explains the following topics: The concept of a fiber bundle, Morphisms of Bundles, Vector Bundles, Principal Bundles, Bundles and Cocycles, Cohomology of Lie Algebras, Smooth G-valued Functions, Connections on Principal Bundles, Curvature and Perspectives.

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Differential   Algebraic Topology

Differential Algebraic Topology

This book presents some basic concepts and results from algebraic topology. Topics covered includes: Smooth manifolds revisited, Stratifolds, Stratifolds with boundary: c-stratifolds, The Mayer-Vietoris sequence and homology groups of spheres, Brouwer’s fixed point theorem, separation and invariance of dimension, Integral homology and the mapping degree, A comparison theorem for homology theories and CW-complexes, Kunneth’s theorem, Singular cohomology and Poincare duality, Induced maps and the cohomology axioms, The Chern classes, Pontrjagin classes and applications to bordism, Constructions of stratifolds.

s168 Pages
Differential Topology by Bjorn Ian Dundas

Differential Topology by Bjorn Ian Dundas

This note covers the following topics: Smooth manifolds, The tangent space, Regular values, Vector bundles, Constructions on vector bundles and Integrability.

s210 Pages
Introduction To Differential Topology

Introduction To Differential Topology

The first half of the book deals with degree theory, the Pontryagin construction, intersection theory, and Lefschetz numbers. The second half of the book is devoted to differential forms and deRham cohomology.

s207 Pages