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Banks and Banking Books

This section contains free e-books and guides on Banks and Banking, some of the resources in this section can be viewed online and some of them can be downloaded.

The Rise, Progress, and Present Condition of Banking In India

Banking in India, in the modern sense, originated in the last decade of the 18th century. The largest bank, and the oldest still in existence, is the State Bank of India. The Indian banking sector is broadly classified into scheduled and non-scheduled banks. This book explains everything about Indian banks.


s 445Pages

Modern Banking

This note explains the following topics: Central Banking, Nationalizations of Commercial Banks, SBI and Industrial finance, CooperativeBanks, Electronic Fund Transfer, RBI Guidelines, Benefits of Electronic Clearing Systems, E- Cheques, E-Money.


s 107Pages

Elements of Banking by National Open University of Nigeria

The aim of this note is to introduce you to the basics of banking processes and the component. It also aims at encouraging you to acquaint yourself with the nature and principles of Banking. Topics covered includes: Business of Banking, Development of Money, Historical Development of Banking, Central Bank of Nigeria, Nigeria Banking Structure, E-Banking System, Commercial Banking System, Merchant Banking System, Development Banking System, E-Banking system, Non-Bank Financial Institutions, Micro-finance Banking Institutions, Bank Lending, Interpreting the Accounts of Customers, Negotiable Instruments-Bills of Exchange,  Manpower Development in Banking and Finance.


s 187Pages

Money and Banking by Horace White

This book covers the following topics: Money a Commodity, Coinage, Legal Tender, Gold as a Metal, Gold Production and The Gold Standard.


s 501Pages

Lecture notes in Money, Banking and Finance

This note explains the following topics: Efficient Markets Hypothesis: Theory and Evidence, Capital Budgeting, Portfolio Theory, Asset Pricing, Money Demand, Company Valuation, Central Banking, Institutional Investors, Commercial Banking, Commercial Bank Risk Management.


s NAPages

Banking Laws And Regulations

This note aims to give you an understanding of the concept regulation, supervision and legal framework as they affect the banking industry. Topics covered includes: Evolution of Law and Bank Regulation in Nigeria, Regulatory Frameworks on Banking and Regulatory Authorities, Ethics and Best Practices, Corporate Governance in Banking, Sources of Instability in the Banking Sector.


s 182Pages

Fundamental of Banking

This book covers the following topics: Evolution of Banking, Functions of Bank, Procedure for opening and operating of deposit account, Methods of Remittances, Lending principles, Credit Creation and Balance Sheet of a bank, Negotiable Instruments, Endorsement, Technology in Banking.


s 249Pages

Four Lectures on Central Banking

This lecture note explains the following topics: Inflation Targeting: 25 Years’ Experience of the Pioneer, A Floating Exchange Rate is the Worst Exchange Rate Regime, How Prudent are Macroprudential Policies, Responsibility and Accountability in the Financial Sector.


s 111Pages

Banking and Indian Financial System

This book covers the following topics: Banking System, its Functions and Types, Structure of Indian Banking System, Banker and Customer Relationship, Deposits, Loans and Advances and Assets and Liabilities Management of Banks, Cheques - Crossing, Endorsement, Developments in Collection and Payment, Central Banking System – Evolution, Organization, Management, Structure and Functions, Indian Money Market, Capital Market and Banking Legislations, Developmental Financial Institutions, State Level Financial Institutions and Investment Institutions, Specialised Financial Institutions, International Financial Institutions, Foreign Collaboration and Foreign Direct Investment, Offshore Country Funds, Foreign Venture Capital Investments, Other Foreign Investments and International Capital Markets.


s 425Pages

Practice of Banking

This guide will help you to appreciate types of banks in operations in the country, models of commercial banking after abolition of universal banking in the country, relationships between customers and the banks and forms of collateral securities that can be accepted by banks for loans and advances, among others topics. Topics covered includes: Banking Operations in Nigeria, Types of Banking Operations in Nigeria, Banker and Customer Relationship, Accounts of Customers, Specialize Bank Accounts of Customers , Negotiable Instruments and Cheques, Bills of Exchange and Promissory Notes, Duties of Paying Banker and Collecting Banker, Bank Lending to Limited Liabilities Companies, Securities and Loan Recovery, Securities for Bankers Advances, Land and Security.


s 205Pages

Principles of Insurance and Banking

This book describes the following topics: Banking Law and Regulation, Banker-Customer Relationship, Modes of creating charge, Securities for bank advances, Contracts of guarantees and indemnity, Capital Adequacy and NPAS In Banks.


s 235Pages

Banking and Finance

This book covers the following topics: Commercial Banking, Origin and growth of banks, Functions of Commercial banks, Role of Commercial Banks in Economic Development, Reserve Bank of India (RBI), Management, Structure and Functions of RBI, Money Market, Constituents of Money market, Features of Indian Money market, Capital Market, Stock Indices in India, SENSEX and Nifty.


s 72Pages

Bank Management

This course note intends to introduce students to bank administration with emphasize on its risk management practices. Topics covered includes: Organizational Structure of Banks, Banking Regulations, Interest Rate Risk Management in Banks, Credit Risk Management in Banks, Liquidity Management in Banks, Operational Risk Management in Banks, Market Risk Management in Banks, Capital Adequacy of Banks, Issues in Bank Management, Investment Banking and Other Services and Analysis of Bank Statement.


s NAPages

Banking Regulation Its Purposes, Implementation, and Effects

The purpose of this book is to describe the current regulatory system and look at its influence on banks and their customers. The book further provides a perspective on how banking regulation developed and the specific reasons or purposes for regulating banks. Topics covered includes: Why Regulate Banks, History Of Banking Regulation, Banks, Bank Holding Companies, And Financial Holding Companies, Regulation For Depositor Protection And Monetary Stability, Regulation Consistent With an Efficient and Competitive Financial System.


s 281Pages

Basics Of Banking And Insurance

This book covers the following topics: Origin And Development Of Banking, Types Of Customers Of Banks, Introduction To Insurance and Insurance Laws In India.


s 106Pages

Banking principles and practice

This book covers the following topics: Elements of money, credit and banking, The banking system of the United States, Domestic banking, cash and deposit operations and earning assets.


s 324Pages

Bank Management and Portfolio Behavior

This book covers the following topics: Models of Bank Portfolio Behavior, Estimation of the Models: Problems and Techniques, Data Resources, Sample Selection, and the Profile of a Typical Observation, Estimates for the Input-Output Model from a Sample of Commercial Banks, Estimates for the Input-Output Model from a Sample of Mutual Savings Banks, On Forecasting Bank Deposits, The Adaptive Expectations Formulation, Bank Earnings, Costs, and Rates of Return, Some Prescriptive Conclusions for Improving Commerical Bank Earnings, Bank Bahvior and Macroeconomic Credit Flows.


s 297Pages

Money and Banking by Dr Robert E Wright

This book is intended for the Money and Banking course and is the first Money and Banking text to emerge from the financial crisis of 2007-2008 with ample coverage.


s 531Pages

Banking and currency

This book is intended mainly as a text book for Students, and it is hoped that it may be of some assistance to those who are reading for the Examinations held under the auspices of the Institute of Bankers.


s 284Pages

Overview of Banking Industry in India

This note covers the following topics related to Indian banking field: Industry scenario of Indian Banking Industry, Aggregate Performance of the Banking Industry, Implications of Some Recent Policy Measures, Challenges Facing by Banking Industry, Users of Banking Services, Bank Marketing In the Indian Perspective, Bank Marketing Mix and Strategies, Challenges to Indian Banking and Strategic options to cope with the challenges.


s 57Pages

Elements of banking

This book introduce the basic concepts, theories and issues related to banking and finance.


s 320Pages

Money and Banking Lecture Notes

This course note begins by answering the questions what is money and why are money and financial markets important to any smoothly functioning economy. The remainder of the first half of the course note develops the concepts of risk sharing, liquidity, and information to explain how interest rates are determined and how the financial system has evolved. The second half of the note examines the link between the financial system and the real economy. Topics covered include the determination of the money supply, the conduct of monetary policy, and monetary theory.


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