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Process Equipment Design Lecture Notes

Objective of this note is to develop the skill to design and install process equipments used widely in a chemical industry. Topics covered includes: Design and drawing considerations of bolt,nut and screws, welded and riveted joints, nozzles and pipe fittings, Design and drawing considerations of brackets, saddle and skirt, Design and drawing of cyclone separators, centrifuges, thickeners and filtration equipments, Design and drawing crystallizers, agitated vessel, jacketed and coil heated vessels.

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Chemical Engineering Design by NPTEL

This note emphasizes on the development of design skills among the students to take design related decisions. Whatever be the earlier conception, today a chemical engineer is expected to be able to make complete design of a piece of chemical equipment. This note will be very useful to undergraduate students and practitioners. A number of problems will be solved to illustrate the concepts clearly.

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Chemical Process Dynamics and Controls

This note covers the following topics: Modeling Basics, Sensors and Actuators, Piping and Instrumentation Diagrams, Logical Modeling, Modeling Case Studies, Chemical Process Controls, Mathematics for Control Systems,PID Control.

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Chemical process industries by NPTEL

This note mainly covers the synthesis, industrial manufacture, flow diagram, properties and uses of industrial acids, fermentation products, industrial sodium compounds, halogens and chlorinated compounds and industrial solvents.

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Chemical Reaction Engineering Lecture Notes

This note covers the following topics: Conversion and Reactor Sizing, Rate Law and Stoichiometry, Isothermal Reactor Design, Collection and Analysis of Rate Data, Multiple Reactions, Nonelementary Reaction Kinetics.

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Chemical Reaction Engineering by Prof. Milorad Dudukovic

This note explains the following topics: Stoichiometry, Thermodynamics, Rates, Kinetics, Mechanisms, Ideal Reactors, Interpretation of Kinetic Data, Reactor Combinations and Recycle, Multiple Reactions, Non-isothermal Reactors, Heterogeneous Reactions, Diffusion and Reaction, Transport Effects on Reactions, Packed Bed Reactors, Fluidized Bed Reactors, Multiphase Reactors, Biochemical Reactors.

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Energy Engineering Lecture Notes

This note covers the following topics: Units and Conversions, Global Energy Reserves, Energy Demand and Supply, Historical Developments in Energy, Environmental Impacts of Energy Production, Bio-Geo-Chemical Cycles, Thermal Power Plants, Hydro Power, Nuclear Power, Solar Power, Wind Power, Biomass Energy, Ocean Energy, Geothermal Energy, Hydrogen Fuel, Fuel Cell, Electricity, Energy Storage.

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Energy Engineering by Alpha College of Engineering

This note explains the following topics: Steam Power Plant, Steam Generator, Diesel Engine Power Plant, Hydro Electric Plants, Nuclear Power Plant, Solar and Wind Energy, Tidal Power, Ocean Thermal Energy, Geothermal Energy Conversion, Energy from Bio Mass.

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Conduction Heat Transfer Notes

This note is not meant to be a comprehensive presentation of the subject of heat conduction, and the student is referred to the texts referenced below for such treatments. A goal of mine, in preparing the notes, has been to address an apparent shortcoming in many of the current texts, in that the texts present the mathematical formulation and analytical solution to a wide variety of conduction problems, yet they spend little if any time on discussing how numerical and graphical results can be obtained from the solutions.

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A Short Course on Heat Transfer

This note covers the following topics: Steady-State Conduction - One Dimension, Steady-State Conduction - Multiple Dimensions, Unsteady-State Conduction, Principles of Convection, Empirical and Practical Relations for Forced-Convection Heat Transfer, Natural Convection Systems, Radiation Heat Transfer, Condensation and Boiling Heat Transfer, Heat Exchangers, Mass Transfer.

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Mass Transfer Lecture Notes

This note covers the following topics: Molecular mass transport, Properties of Mixtures, Diffusion flux, Fick’s law, Relation among molar fluxes, Diffusivity, Diffusivity in liquids, Steady State Diffusion, steady state diffusion through a stagnant film, Diffusion in solids, Convective Mass Transfer, Convective Mass Transfer Coefficient, Application of Dimensionless Analysis to Mass Transfer, Convective Mass Transfer Correlations, Single Sphere, Single Cylinder, Flow Through Pipes, Mass transfer between phases, Simultaneous Heat and Mass Transfer, The Wet – bulb Thermometer.

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Mass Transfer Operations

The mass transfer operations are largely the responsibility of chemical engineers, but increasingly practitioners of other engineering disciplines are finding them necessary for their work. The objective of this note is to provide a means to teach undergraduate chemical engineering students the basic principles of mass transfer and to apply these principles, aided by computational tools, to the design of equipment used in separation processes.

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Chemical Process Dynamics and Controls Book I

Process controls is a mixture between the statistics and engineering discipline that deals with the mechanism, architectures, and algorithms for controlling a process. Topics covered includes: Verbal Modeling Degrees of Freedom, Incidence&

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Process Dynamics, Operations, and Control

This note introduces dynamic processes and the engineering tasks of process operations and control. Topics covered includes: modeling the static and dynamic behavior of processes, control strategies, design of feedback, feedforward, and other control structures, and applications to process equipment.

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Advanced Transport Phenomena

This note deals with the transport of energy, mass and momentum in chemically reacting fluids. Topics covered includes: Bulb Blackening, Hot Corrosion, Transport Laws: Assumptions and Control Volumes, Conservation Principles: Mass Conservation, Momentum, Energy Conservation, Entropy Conservation, Conservation Equations: Alternative Formulations, Across Discontinuities, Turbulent Flows and Multiphase Flows, Constitutive Laws: Momentum Transfer, Energy and Mass Transfer, Momentum Transport, Energy Transport, Mass Transport, Similitude Analysis.

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Transport Phenomena in Materials Engineering

This note deals with solid-state diffusion, homogeneous and heterogeneous chemical reactions, and spinodal decomposition. Topics covered include: heat conduction in solids, convective and radiative heat transfer boundary conditions; fluid dynamics, 1-D solutions to the Navier-Stokes equations, boundary layer theory, turbulent flow, and coupling with heat conduction and diffusion in fluids to calculate heat and mass transfer coefficients.

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