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Administrative Law I by National Open University Of Nigeria

This note will demonstrate that the relationship amongst the tripod or trilogy of legislature, executive and judiciary is not all there is to lawmaking, law execution and law enforcement. But, much more than that, the note will introduce to you the legal regime that authorizes or permits these governmental agencies whether at the Federal, State or Local government levels to make and enforce rules, regulations, bye-laws and policies in their various spheres of influence to the benefit or detriment of members of the public.

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Training Package on Administrative Law

This book covers the following topics related to Administrative Law: Conceptual Analysis Issues and Prospects, Classification of Administrative Power, Delegated Legislation and its Control, Administrative Discretion and its Control, Administrative Adjudication / Tribunal, Principles of Natural Justice or fairness, Disciplinary action against Public Servants, Redress of Public grievances and Institution of Ombudsman, Liability of State in contracts and in tort, Privileges and immunities in suits of the State.

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Civil Procedure Pleading

This text provides a concise yet comprehensive introduction to pleading standards under the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure. It covers the development of both notice pleading and the plausibility standard in a manner that's straightforward enough for 1L students but doesn't spoon-feed the information to them. Also focuses on the most recent developments in the law relating to pleading, while still providing a solid historical context into which the students can place those developments.

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United States Copyright Law

This book contains federal laws and regulations in the area of copyright, trademarks and patents. The editors have endeavored to gather all relevant laws, rules and regulations. This collection is intended to be used primarily as a statutory supplement for law students and legal scholars in academic settings, although practitioners in this area of law will also find it useful.

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Law of Commercial Transactions

This textbook provides context and essential concepts across the entire range of legal issues with which managers and business executives must grapple. The text provides the vocabulary and legal acumen necessary for businesspeople to talk in an educated way to their customers, employees, suppliers, government officials—and to their own lawyers.

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Lyons' Commercial law; a text book for schools and colleges and a book of reference

This work first made its appearance in 1894. It contained many features at that time new to text books on commercial law. The value of these features as well as the complete adaptability of the work to the class room were immediately recognized by a majority of commercial teachers and a large use was made of the work in their classes.

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The common law of England

The essence of English common law is that it is made by judges sitting in courts, applying legal precedent to the facts before them. A decision of the Supreme Court of the United Kingdom, the highest civil appeal court of the United Kingdom, is binding on every other court. Topics covered includes: Torts, Crimes, Contracts, The Law Of Persons, Adjective Law.

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The Spirit of the Common Law

This book covers the following topics: The Feudal Element, Puritanism and the Law, The Courts and the Crown, The Rights of Englishmen and the Rights of Man, The Pioneers and the Law, The Philosophy of Law in the Nineteenth Century, Judicial Empiricism and Legal Reason.

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Comparative and European Public law

The note focuses on public comparative law and on EU law. It also analyses the different legal traditions of the world in their interrelations with constitutional designs, as well as on the regulation of economic activities having recourse to the comparative method.

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The Principles of Masonic Law A Treatise on the Constitutional Laws, Usages And Landmarks

This book explains things very well and provides a better understanding of the Masonic principles.

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Principles of the law of contract

This book is an attempt to draw such an outline of the principles of the law of Contract as may be useful to students, and, perhaps, convenient to those who are engaged in the teaching of law. Author tried to show how a contract is made, what is needed to make it binding, what its effect is, how its terms are interpreted, and how it is discharged and comes to an end.

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Selected cases on the law of contracts

The purpose of this book is to furnish a compact and, at the same time, comprehensive selection of authoritative material for the study and discussion of the principles of the law of contract. The work is now designed primarily to be used alone as the basis of instruction, although it may also be used conveniently with lectures or a standard treatise.

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Criminal Law by Saylor Academy

Criminal Law begins with the foundations of law and the legal system and then extensively explores criminal laws and defenses using general state principles, federal law, the Constitution, and the Model Penal Code as guidelines. Topics covered includes: Constitutional Protections, The Legal System in the United States, The Elements of a Crime, Criminal Defenses, Parties to Crime, Inchoate Offenses, Criminal Homicide, Sex Offenses and Crimes Involving Force, Fear, and Physical Restraint, Crimes against the Public, Property and Government.

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Criminal Law I by National Open University of Nigeria

This Guide offers you in a nutshell, what the Criminal Law is about: it gives you an insight into the course materials which have been deliberately compressed in order to ensure that you are able to cover as much as possible within the given period. Topics covered includes: Purpose Of Criminal Law, Content Of Crime, Element Of An Offence, General Principles Of Criminal Responsibility, Classification Of Crimes, Parties To An Offence, Offences Against Persons, Lawful Homicide, Offences Against Persons.

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Advanced Equity And Trusts

This note focus on aspects of equity and trusts in two specific contexts: commerce and the home. It will advance novel conceptual approaches to two significant arenas in which equitable doctrines like the trust are deployed.

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Equity and Trusts Law

The aims of this book are to ensure that students understand and are able to assess critically: the principles associated with equity and with trusts law; the application of those principles to factual circumstances, the manner in which these principles affect people in their everyday lives, how those principles are to be reconciled with the principles governing the creation of express trusts, the imposition of trusts by law, how equity and trusts law adapt to changing social conditions, and how other legal models challenge the traditional understanding of equity.

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Family Code

This guide is about family law in Texas. Topics covered includes: The Marriage Relationship, Collaborative Family Law, Child in Relation to the Family, Juvenile Justice Code, Truancy Court Proceedings, Protective Orders and Family Violence, The Parent-Child Relationship and the Suit Affecting the Parent-Child Relationship.

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Principles of U.S. Family Law

What are the orzgms of the current chaos and controversy in the field, the home of some of the most vituperative debates in public policy? To answer these questions, this Article identifies and examines family law's foundational principles. It undertakes a conceptual analysis of the legal practices that govern families.

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Great jurists of the world

The Lives and Works of Eminent Jurists From the Last Two Thousand Years. Written by a team of eminent scholars under the auspices of the Association of American Law Schools, this highly readable book covers the lives and chief works of selected eminent Classical, Continental and English jurists including Gaius, Papinian, Ulpian, Bartolus, Alciati, Cujas, Gentili, Hugo Grotius, Selden, Hobbes, Zouche, Pufendorf, Vico, Bynkershoek, Montesquieu, Pothier, Vattel, Beccaria, Bentham, Mittermaier, Savigny and Jhering.

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United States Trademark Law

This book covers the following topics: The Principal Register, The Supplemental Register, General Provisions and The Madrid Protocol.

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International Environmental Law

This guide explains the following topics: The sources of international law, The subjects of international law, International institutions, The prohibition against the use of force, Human Rights, International environmental law, The relationship between international and national law, State responsibility, Feminist perspectives on international law, Dispute settlement.

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United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea

This guide explains the following topics: Continental Shelf, High Seas, Regime Of Islands, Right Of Access Of Land-locked States To And From The Sea And Freedom Of Transit, Protection And Preservation Of The Marine Environment, Settlement Of Disputes.

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Labour Law I by National Open University of Nigeria

The primary aim of this note is to familiarise you with labour law which is dealt with herein and which you are expected to know much about at the end of your reading through. Topics covered includes: History and Sources of Nigerian Labour Law, The Contract of Employment, Employer and Employee - Duties and Obligations, Formations of Contract of Employment and its Effects, Freedom of Contract and Restrictions Thereon, Common Law Implied Terms, Employer’s Vicarious Liability, Termination of Contract of Employment, Remedies for Wrongful Dismissal Collective Bargaining, Collective Bargaining, Trade Unions, Industrial Actions, Tortuous Liability and Trade Disputes, Settlement of Trade Disputes, Health and Safety, The Workmen’s Compensation Act.

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United States labor law

This guide explains the following topics: Contract and rights at work, Workplace participation, Contract of employment, Equality and discrimination, Job security, Labor law in individual states, Enforcement of rights.

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Introduction to the Law of Property, Estate Planning and Insurance

This note explains the following topics: Corporate Social Responsibility and Business Ethics, Courts and the Legal Process, Constitutional Law and US Commerce, Administrative Law, Criminal Law, Contracts, Introduction to Property: Personal Property and Fixtures, Intellectual Property, The Nature and Regulation of Real Estate and the Environment, The Transfer of Real Estate by Sale, Landlord and Tenant Law, Estate Planning: Wills, Estates, and Trusts, Bailments and the Storage, Shipment, and Leasing of Goods.

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A treatise on the law of real property

This book covers the following topics: The Nature Of A Mortgage, The Parties To A Mortgage, Who May Take A Mortgage, Equitable Mortgages, Liens For Purchase Money, Insurance, Registration As Affecting Priority, Notice As Affecting Priority, A Mortgagor's Rights And Liabilities, A Purchaser's Rights And Liabilities, Payment And Discharge, Redemption Of A Mortgage, Foreclosure By Entry And Possession, Foreclosure By Equitable Suit.

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Fugitive Slave Law The Religious Duty of Obedience to Law

This scarce antiquarian book is a selection from Kessinger Publishing's Legacy Reprint Series.This book explains citizens religious duty to obey the law.

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Observations on the Religion, Law, Government, and Manners, of the Turks

This is a classic book published before 1923.

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The Law of Torts Cases and Materials

This book covers the following topics: Overview Of Tort Law, Proximate cause, Defense to a personal injury case, Contributory fault, Modification of duty by status and relationships, Intentional Torts.

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A selection of cases illustrative of the English law of tort

This book covers the following topics: Liability for tort, liability as affected by status, various kinds of torts, negligence and duties of insurance.

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