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This section contains free e-books and guides on Chemistry, some of the resources in this section can be viewed online and some of them can be downloaded.

Chemistry Books
Online Books
Analytical Chemistry
Agricultural Chemistry
Applied Chemistry
Crystal Chemistry
Environmental Chemistry
Acid Base Chemistry
General Chemistry
InOrganic Chemistry
Kitchen Chemistry
Laboratory Chemistry
Materials Chemistry
Medicinal Chemistry
Astrochemistry Books
Marine Chemistry
Molecular Chemistry
Nuclear Chemistry
Organic Chemistry
OrganoMetallic Chemistry
Physical Chemistry
Polymer Chemistry
Practical Chemistry
Quantum Chemistry
SupraMolecular Chemistry
Surface Analysis
Theoretical Chemistry
Computational Chemistry
Online Books
Recently Added
Online Books
Advances in Gas Chromatography
Analytical Chemistry by Webe Celine Kadima
Analytical Chemistry For Environmental Engineers And Scientists
Introduction to Instrumental Analytical Chemistry
Chromatography The Most Versatile Method of Chemical Analysis
The calculations of analytical chemistry
Quantitative Analysis Analytical Chemistry
Analytical Chemistry Electrochemical methods of analysis
Analytical Chemistry 2.0 by David Harvey
Introduction to Analytical Chemistry
Short introduction into Analytical Chemistry (PDF 67P)
Analytical Chemistry Basics
Encyclopedia of Analytical Instrumentation
Analytical Chemistry Notes
Analytical Chemistry Lecture Notes
Analytical Chemistry Vol. 1 (PDF)
Analytical Chemistry Vol. 2 (PDF)
Laboratory exercises in applied chemistry
Engineering Chemistry I
Engineering Chemistry Notes
Catalytic Processes in Applied Chemistry
Applied Chemistry Laboratory Manual
Applied Chemistry (PDF 296P)
Introductory Applied chemistry
Applied Water Chemistry
Elementary Applied Chemistry
Astrochemistry The Cradle of Life
Interstellar Medium Notes
Astrochemistry by Floris van der Tak
Astrochemistry with ALMA school
Astrochemistry the issue of molecular complexity in astrophysical environments
Modern Concepts in Laboratory Astrochemistry from Molecules, through Nanoparticles to Grains
Astrochemistry Lecture Notes
Astrochemistry Basic processes (PDF 63P)
Astrochemistry with Alma
Notes on Bio Chemistry
Biochemistry Workbook
Biochemistry by Deniz Ekinci
Biomedical Chemistry Current Trends and Developments
Biochemistry Higher Secondary
Medical Biochemistry
Alcoholic Fermentation
Biochemistry And Molecular Biology
Interactive Concepts in Biochemistry
Sustainable Degradation of Lignocellulosic Biomass Techniques, Applications and Commercialization
A Search for Antibacterial Agents
Principles of Biochemistry Lecture Notes
Biochemistry Free and Easy
Biochemistry basics[PPT]
Problem sets and Tutorial on biochemistry
Biological Chemistry II [MIT Notes]
BioChemistry tutorials
Principles of Protein Structure
Principles of Protein Structure
Thermodynamics of Biomolecular Systems [MIT Notes]
Biochemistry Laboratory [MIT Notes]
Biochemistry Online
Essentials of Glycobiology
Introduction to protein folding for physicists [PDF 53p]
The Chemistry of Plant Life
Basics of BioChemistry
NetBiochem Topics
BioChemistry Basics
Lecture Notes for Computational Methods in Chemical Engineering
Computational Chemistry In The High School Classroom
Introduction to Computational Quantum Chemistry Theory
Theoretical and Computational Biophysics
Introduction to Computational Chemistry Theory
Laboratory Of Computational Chemistry
Lecture Notes in Computational Chemistry
Computational Chemistry by University of Iceland
Computational Chemistry Lab
Computational Chemistry Comparison and Benchmark Database
Molecular Vibrations (PDF 22p)
Introduction to Molecular Mechanics (PDF 43p)
Introduction to Hartree FockMolecular Orbital Theory (PDF presentation 25p)
Introduction to Electron Correlation (PDF 37p)
Crystal Structure Analysis Lecture Notes
Crystal Structure Analysis
Fundamental Concepts of Organic Chemistry
Advanced Protein Crystallography
Crystal Structure Refinement
Crystal chemistry lecture notes(PDF)
Introduction to Solid State Chemistry
Crystal Field Theory
Crystal structure
Matter, Materials,Crystal Structure and Bonding
Chemical Crystallography An Introduction To Optical And X Ray Methods (PDF 471P)
Worked Examples in the Geometry of Crystals (PDF 113P)
Organic chemistry methane to macromolecules
Recent Trend in Electrochemical Science and Technology
Electrochemistry by Professor Shane Ardo
Electrochemistry by Mohammed A. A. Khalid
Electrochemical Energy Systems
Developments in Electrochemistry
Electrochemistry by University of California
Electrochemical Cells New Advances in Fundamental Researches and Applications
Electrochemistry by Mohammed A. A. Khalid
Basic Concepts in Electrochemistry
Electroanalytical Chemistry
Text book of electrochemistry (PDF 364P)
An Introduction To Electrochemistry (PDF 577P)
Introduction of Electrochemical Concepts (PDF 26P)
ElectroChemistry by UC Davis
Introduction to electro chemistry
Applied Electrochemistry
Electro Chemistry basics
Fundamentals of Electrochemistry
Electro Chemical applications and instrumentation
Construction of Electrochemical Cells
Electro Chemistry notes (PDF 40p)
Electro Chemistry Lecture notes (PDF 53p)
Notes on electro chemistry
Electro Chemistry notes (PDF 38p)
Environmental Chemistry by PD Dr. Annette Ladstatter weiBenmayer
Environmental Chemistry by University of Kelaniya
Chemicals in the Environment Toxicology and Public Health
Atmospheric Chemistry Lecture Notes
Environmental Chemistry Lecture Notes by Prof. Prashant V. Kamat
Environmental Chemistry by Prof Dato Ir Dr Zaini Ujang
Environmental Chemistry By Dr. Dejene Ayele Tessema
Environmental Chemistry by Dejene Ayele Tessema
Introduction to Atmospheric Chemistry
Narrative for a Lecture on Environmental Chemistry (PDF 35P)
General Chemistry Principles, Patterns, and Applications
General Chemistry II by Dr. Michael Lufaso
Advances in Titration Techniques
General Chemistry I
General Chemistry at Penn State
General Chemistry Lecture Notes
Chemistry by OpenStax College
Advanced Catalytic Materials Photocatalysis and Other Current Trends
General Chemistry, Principles, Patterns and Applications
Introductory Chemistry
General Chemistry by wikibooks
Chemistry Experiment Simulations, Tutorials and Conceptual Computer Animations for Introduction to College Chemistry
General Chemistry Topics
Notes on Quantum and Computational Chemistry
Introduction to Chemistry
Stereochemistry an introduction (PDF 40P)
Supramolecular Chemistry of Nanomaterials
Chemical Vapor Deposition Recent Advances and Applications in Optical, Solar Cells and Solid State Devices
Inorganic Chemistry by IIT Bombay
Descriptive Inorganic Chemistry Researches of Metal Compounds
Advanced Inorganic Chemistry Lecture Notes
Introduction to Inorganic chemistry
Advanced Inorganic Chemistry Professor Peidong Yang
Inorganic Functional Materials Lecture Notes
Inorganic Chemistry by Kowenje Chrispin
Descriptive Inorganic Chemistry Lecture Notes
Advanced Inorganic Chemistry by Robert L. Carter
Laboratory Exercises in Inorganic Chemistry
A text book of inorganic chemistry
Chem Wiki Inorganic Chemistry
Advanced Inorganic Chemistry I
Principles of Inorganic Chemistry III
Introduction to Bioinorganic Chemistry (PDF 44P)
Inorganic Chemistry (PDF 194p)
Advanced inorganic chemistry (PDF 112p)
Advanced inorganic chemistry (PDF 92p)
Atomic structure and bonding
Atomic Structure
Acids and bases
Inorganic Chemistry Laboratory Practice
Notes on inorganic chemistry
Advanced inorganic chemistry
Modern inorganic chemistry (PDF 23p)
Principles of Inorganic Chemistry II [MIT Notes]
Introduction to acid base chemistry (PDF 19p)
The ABC of density functional theory (PDF 104 p)
The Mechanics Of The Atom
Strongly correlated electrons
Chemical Principles, 3rd Edition
Molecular Modeling by University of Wyoming
Molecular Electronic Structure
Atomic Level Simulations of Materials and Molecules
Molecular Spectra and Molecular Structure
Molecular Modeling Lecture Notes
Molecular Dynamics Simulation A Short Introduction
Molecular Geometries and Covalent Bonding Theories
Molecular Modeling in Undergraduate Chemistry Education
Molecular Mechanics Tutorial (PDF 77P)
Molecular Symmetry, Group Theory and Applications (57P)
The molecule of the month
Molecular Orbital Theory (PDF 285p)
Molecular Electronic Structures an introduction (PDF 139P)
Cellulose Fundamental Aspects and Current Trends
Bio Organic Chemistry of Natural Enediyne Anticancer Antibiotics
Principles of Organic Synthesis
Organic Chemistry Lecture Handouts
Organic Chemistry by HBCSE
Introductory Organic Chemistry II
Organic II Lectures by Tim Hubin
Organic Chemistry by Michael C. Biewer
Introduction to Organic Chemistry by Giuseppe Pileio
Bio organic chemistry
Basic Principles of Organic Chemistry
Theoretical organic chemistry
Nomenclature of Organic Compounds
Organic Chemistry by Dr. Craig P. Jasperse
Organic Chemistry by Robert C. Neuman
Advanced organic chemistry
Textbook of Practical Organic Chemistry
Organic Chemistry Notes
Organic Chemistry Course Notes Archive
Organic Chemistry Info and Notes
Virtual Textbook of Organic Chemistry
Basic Concepts from Organic Chemistry (PDF 103p)
Basic Principles of Organic Chemistry
Molecular Modelling for Organic Chemistry
Basic Organic Nomenclature
A Brief Review Of Organic Chemistry
Organic mechanisms
Basic organic chemistry
Properties of organic compounds
Introduction to Organic Synthesis Laboratory [MIT Notes]
Organic Chemistry I [MIT Notes 2003]
Organic Chemistry I [MIT Notes 2005]
Organic Chemistry II [MIT Notes2003]
Organic Chemistry II [MIT Notes 2006]
Advanced Organic Chemistry [MIT Notes]
Principles of Chemical Science [MIT Notes]
Reaction Finder for The Organic ChemIST
Introduction to Organic Chemistry
Organic chemistry concepts
Organic Chemistry methane to macromolecules
Organic and Macromolecular Chemistry for Materials Scientists
Organic Chemistry Booklet (PDF 56P)
Physical Chemistry by Steven O. Nielsen
Elements of Physical Chemistry
Physical Chemistry Handouts
Physical Chemistry by Dr. R. R. Misra
Physical Chemistry Lecture Notes by Prof. Rob Schurko
Physical and Theoretical Chemistry
Introductory Physical Chemistry bynbsp; Rob Schurko
Advanced Physical Chemistry By Carol A. Venanzi
Physical chemistry; a brief course with laboratory experiments
Thermodynamics and chemistry second edition
Physical chemistry in brief (PDF 466P)
Physical Chemistry Lecture Notes
Physical Chemistry
Physical Chemistry for Beginners
Physical Chemistry II
Textbook of Physical Chemistry
Physical Chemistry basics
Basic Physical Chemistry
Introduction to physical chemistry
Physical Chemistry (MIT Notes)
Energy, Environment, and Society (MIT Notes)
Polyester Production, Characterization and Innovative Applications
Polymer Engineering Lecture Notes
Conducting Polymers
Polymer Science and Engineering
General Polymer Chemistry Lecture notes
Introduction to polymer science Lecture Notes
Polymer Science
High Performance Polymers Polyimides Based From Chemistry to Applications
Fundamentals Of Polymer Science Basic Concepts
Synthesis of Polymers
Introduction to polymers by The Open University
Inorganic polymer chemistry (PDF 30P)
Neutral and Charged Polymers at Interfaces
Theory of Polymer Dynamics
Advances in radiation chemistry of polymers (PDF 134p)
Polymer chemistry lecture notes
Fundamentals of Polymer Chemistry (PDF 48P)
Polymer science lecture notes
Polymer names, class and formula
Polymer Chemistry Glossary
Block copolymer vesiclesusing concepts from polymer chemistry to mimic biomembranes (PDF 24p)
Advanced Quantum Chemistry by Patrik R. Callis
Quantum Chemistry Introductory Material
Quantum Chemistry Molecules for Innovations
Quantum Computation
Undergraduate Quantum Chemistry
Lectures on Advanced Quantum Mechanics
Advanced Quantum Chemistry
Introductory Quantum Chemistry
Quantum Chemistry I
Computational Quantum Chemistry
Introductory Quantum Mechanics I
Quantum Chemistry
Introductory Quantum Mechanics II
Nature of the Chemical Bond
Chem1 Virtual Textbook
A Brief Review of Elementary Quantum Chemistry (PDF 50p)
Introduction to Electronic Structure Theory
On the Time Evolution of Wavefunctions in Quantum Mechanics
Introduction to Quantum Mechanics with Applications to Chemistry
Modern Methods and Algorithms of Quantum Chemistry
Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy
Advanced Organic Spectroscopy
Nonlinear and Two Dimensional Spectroscopy Notes
Molecular spectroscopy Lecture Notes
Symmetry and Molecular Spectroscopy
Spectroscopy and Molecular Structure
Infrared Spectroscopy Life and Biomedical Sciences
Principles of Spectroscopy by Ngee Sing Chong
Advanced Aspects of Spectroscopy
X Ray Spectroscopy
Vibrational Spectroscopy
Principles of Spectroscopy
Spectroscopy Lecture Notes
Spectroscopy Lecture Handouts
Analytical Spectroscopy
Lecture Notes on Surfaces and Thin Films
Introduction to Spectroscopy
The Basics of NMR
Small Molecule Spectroscopy and Dynamics
Maths for Chemists
MSc in Theoretical Chemistry Molecular Simulation Methods in Chemistry
Lecture notes on theoretical chemistry
Lecture Notes and Instructional Material in Theoretical Chemistry
Introduction to Molecular Mechanics by C. David Sherrill(PDF 43p)
Theoretical Chemistry I Quantum Mechanics (PDF 166p)
Realistic systems part1(PDF 32p)
Realistic systems part2 (PDF 9p)
An Introduction to Theoretical Chemistry
Online Books
Online Books
Online Books
Online Books
Online Books
Online Books
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