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This section contains free e-books and guides on Physics, some of the resources in this section can be viewed online and some of them can be downloadable.


Recently Added Books

Astronomy By Andrew Fraknoi, David Morrison And Sidney C Wolff

The book starts with relevant scientific fundamentals and progresses through an exploration of the solar system, stars, galaxies and cosmology. Also builds student understanding through the use of relevant analogies, clear and non-technical explanations, and rich illustrations.

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An Introduction to Astronomy by Helen Johnston

This astronomy note introduces you to the wonders of modern astronomy.From the Solar System to the most distant galaxies, we undertake an eye-opening journey, from how stars work to the structure of the universe itself.

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Physics of Atoms and Molecules

This note covers the following topics: Planck's energy distribution law, Relation between Einstein coe cients, Waves and particles, Schrodinger equation, Particle in a box, Ground state of the hydrogen atom, Harmonic oscillator 1-D, Hydrogen atom and central forces, Interaction of atoms with electromagnetic radiation, Spin of the electron.

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Atomic and Molecular Physics by Bhas Bapat

This note covers the following topics: Hydrogen Atom, Hydrogen Atom Fine Structure, Helium Atom, Multielectron atoms, Hartree-Fock theory, Interaction with Radiation, Lineshapes, Photoelectric Effect, Introduction to Lasers, Diatomic Molecules and Scattering.

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Molecular Biophysics

This note covers the following topics: Structure of DNA, Base-pair Interactions and DNA Melting, Mechanics and Statistical Mechanics of DNA, Electrostatics of DNA and DNA -DNA Interactions, DNA Collapse and DNA Mesophases, DNA Organization in Chromatin and Viruses.

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Introduction to biophysics

This introductory note on biophysics introduces the principles of electrical excitability of cell membranes, which form the basis of all information processing in the nervous system. Topics covered includes: neurons and the brain, Electrical properties of cells, Hodgkin-Huxley model of action potentials, Synapses and Perceptrons.

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Chemical Physics Cornell University

This note covers the following topics: Underscreening in concentrated electrolytes, Automated construction of molecular active spaces from atomic valence orbitals, Ab-initio photoelectron spectroscopy of molecular nitrogen in short laser pulses, Rotational state-selection and alignment of chiral molecules by electrostatic hexapoles, Path integral molecular dynamics with surface hopping for thermal equilibrium sampling of nonadiabatic systems, Stability of non-convex gradient dynamics from the perspective of multiscale non-equilibrium thermodynamics.

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Physical Chemistry

This note explains the following topics: Acids and Bases, Atomic Theory, Equilibria, Kinetics, Nuclear Chemistry, Physical Properties of Matter, Quantum Mechanics, Spectroscopy, Statistical Mechanics, Surface Science and Thermodynamics.

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Classical Mechanics by Radovan Dermisek

This note covers the following topics: Newton’s second law, Vector product, Systems of Particles, Central Forces, Two-body motion with a central potential , Hyperbola, Rotating Coordinate Systems, Motion on the Surface of the Earth, Constrained motion and generalized coordinates, Calculus of Variations, Small oscillations, Rigid bodies, Torque-free motion, Symmetric Top, Hamiltonian Dynamics, Poisson brackets.

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Classical Mechanics Lecture Notes byTom Kirchner

This note describes the following topics:Newtonian Mechanics, Hamilton’s Principle, Constrained systems and generalized coordinates, Hamiltonian dynamics, Dynamics of rigid bodies, Coupled oscillations.

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Introduction to Computational Physics by University of Heidelberg

This note covers the following topics: Computers and Numbers, Practical Hints, Modeling Physics Problems, Linear Algebra, Solving Ordinary Differential Equation, Discrete Dynamical Systems and Chaos, Random Numbers, Monte Carlo Simulation.

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Computational Physics by Peter Young

This note is intended to be of interest to students in other science and engineering departments as well as physics.This note assumes that you can write a simple program in one of the following languages: C or C++, Java, or Fortran 90.

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Condensed Matter Physics Notes

The goal of this note is to survey various ground states of condensed matter, many particle systems, explore their excitations and concomitant properties. Topics covered includes: Models, hamiltonians and symmetries, Periodic potentials or tight-binding models, Many particles, second quantization and field theoretic formulation, Metals and insulators, Physics of metals: transport theory, Phonons and electron-phonon interactions, Electron-electron interactions, Interaction effects in semiconductors: excitons, Instabilities of fermi liquid, Superconductivity, GL and BCS theories, Magnetism, Charge density wave systems, Mott transition.

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Soft Condensed Matter

This note covers the following topics: introduction to soft materials, Surfactants,The van der Waals potential, Forces arising from fluctuations, Introduction to polymers, freely-jointed-chain calculation, worm-like chain model, The Langevin equation, Diffusion equation, The Dynamic light scattering (DLS), Liquid interfaces, The shape of a liquid interface and capillary forces, Lipid membranes, The Flory Huggins theory, Colloidal gels and the fractal dimension, Hydrodynamics.

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Numerical methods for conservation laws and related equations

These notes present numerical methods for conservation laws and related time dependent nonlinear partial differential equations. The focus is on both simple scalar problems as well as multi dimensional systems.

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Lecture Notes on Hyperbolic Conservation Laws

These notes provide an introduction to the theory of hyperbolic systems of conservation laws in one space dimension.

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Basic Continuum Mechanics

This note will create a much more stable basis for continued work or study in the field of mechanics of continua, be they solid or fluid. Topics covered includes: Vectors and second order tensors, Change of coordinates, Higher order tensors, Derivatives, Analysis of small deformations, Kinematics, The dynamic equations of continuum mechanics, Elastic materials, Isotropic linearly elastic solids, Compatibility and Plane elasticity, Variational principles, Newtonian fluids and Elastic fluids.

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Continuum Mechanics Lecture Notes by Technical University Of Kaiserslautern

This note explains the following topics: Tensor calculus, Tensor algebra, Tensor analysis, Kinematics, Rates of kinematic quantities, Gradients of kinematic quantities, Balance equations, Concept of mass flux, Concept of stress, Balance of mass, Balance of linear momentum, Balance of angular momentum, Balance of energy, Constitutive equations, Linear constitutive equations.

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Dynamics by Dr Nopdanai Ajavakom

This note covers the following topics: Kinematics of Particles, Rectilinear, Curvilinear x-y, Normal-tangential n-t, Polar r-theta, Relative motion, Force Mass Acceleration, Work Energy, Impulse Momentum, Kinematics of Rigid Bodies, Rotation, Absolute Motion, Relative Velocity, Relative Acceleration, Motion Relative to Rotating Axes, Force Mass Acceleration and Kinetics of Rigid Bodies.

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Dynamics by James Sparks

This note describes the following topics: Newtonian mechanics, Forces and dynamics, Motion in one dimension, Motion in higher dimensions, Constrained systems, The Kepler problem, Systems of particles, Rotating frames and rigid bodies.

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Electricity And Magnetism Material

This lecture note explains the following topics: Electric Charge and Force, Electric Field and Simple Distributions of Charge, Complex Distributions of Electric Charge, The Motion of Electric Charge, Potential and the Storage of Energy, Capacitors, Electric Current, Resistance to Electric Current, Magnetic Force, Magnetic Force between Currents, Magnetic Dipole Moment, Magnetic Induction, Reflection and Refraction.

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Theory of Magnetism

This note explains the following topics: The Bohr-van Leeuwen theorem, The electron spin and magnetic moment, ipole-dipole interaction, Magnetism of free atoms and ions, Magnetic ions in crystals, Exchange interactions between local spins, The Heisenberg model, Mean-field theory for magnetic insulators, The paramagnetic phase of magnetic insulators, Excitations in the ordered state: magnons and spinons, Paramagnetism and diamagnetism of metals, Magnetic order in metals.

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Electrodynamics by Natalie Holzwarth

This note covers the following topics: Electrostatic energy calculations, Poisson equation and Green's theorm, Green's functions for cartesian coordinates, Method of images, Cylindrical and spherical geometries, Multipole analysis of charge distributions, Dipoles and dielectrics, Magnetostatics, Maxwells equations, Electromagnetic energy and force, Dynamic dielectric media and their effects, Radiation from moving charges and Special Theory of Relativity.

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Lecture Notes for Electrodynamics

This note explains the following topics: Vectors and vector calculus, Multidimensional integration, Dirac delta, Special functions, Overview of fields, Maxwell equations in free space, The Wave, Electrostatics, Multipole expansion, Conductors, Laplace equation in a semi-infinite stripe, Dielectrics, Magnetostatics, Energy in magnetic field, Maxwell Equations.

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Fluid Mechanics by NPTEL

This note explains the following topics: Fluid Statics, Kinematics of Fluid, Conservation Equations and Analysis of Finite Control Volume, Equations of Motion and Mechanical Energy, Principles of Physical Similarity and Dimensional Analysis, Flow of Ideal Fluids Viscous Incompressible Flows, Laminar Boundary Layers, Turbulent Flow, Applications of Viscous Flows through Pipes and Compressible Flow.

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Fluid Mechanics Lecture Notes by M.Subramanian

This note covers the following topics: Differences between fluid and solid, Differences between gas and liquid, Types of fluids, Physical properties, Fluid statics, Pressure Measurement, Buoyancy - principles, Units and Dimensions, Similitude and model studies, Fluid flow, Boundary layer, Flow of incompressible fluid in pipes, Compressible fluid flow, Closed channel flow measurement, Flow past immersed bodies, Packed Towers, Fluidization, Transportation of fluids, Rotary pumps, Airlift pump, Jet pump, Selection of pumps, Fans, blowers, and compressors.

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Introduction Of Geophysics

This book covers the following topics: Applied Geophysics, Engineering Geophysics, History Of Geophysics, Relation Between Geology And Geophysics, Magnetic Susceptibility Of Rock and Minerals, Elastic Properties Of Materials, Electrical Properties Of Rock, Electrical Conductivity, General Review Of Geophysical Methods, Geophysical Anomalies, Ambiguity In The Interpretation Of Geophysical Anomalies, Noise In The Interpretation Of The Geophysical Data, Field Geophysical Surveying, Representation Of Geophysical Measurements, The Place Of Geophysics In Solving Geological and Environmental Problems, Layers Of The Earth, Planning and Coordinating Geophsical Work.

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Applied Geophysics

This note explains about waves, rays and the various techniques used in applied and environmental geophysics to investigate subsurface structure on scales of meters to kilometers.

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Introductory Physics I Elementary Mechanics

This textbook has a design that is just about perfectly backwards compared to most textbooks that currently cover the subject. Topics covered includes: Elementary Mechanics, Newton’s Laws, Systems of Particles, Momentum and Collisions, Torque and Rotation in One Dimension, Applications of Mechanics, Fluids, Oscillations, Wave Equation and Gravity.

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Worked Examples from Introductory Physics Vol. I Basic Mechanics

This note describes the following topics: Motion in One Dimension, Motion in Two Dimension, Forces, Energy, Momentum, Rotational Kinematics, Rotational Dynamics, Oscillatory Motion, Waves.

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Fundamental Kinetic Processes

This note will discuss the development of basic kinetic approaches to more complex and contemporary systems. Topics covered includes: Aperitifs, Random Walks/Diffusion, Collisions, Aggregation, Fragmentation, Adsorption Kinetics, Spin Dynamics, Coarsening, Reaction Kinetics, Complex Networks.

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Kinetic Theory of Gases by Shawky Mohamed Hassan

This note describes the following topics: The Ideal gas, Real gases, Distribution of Velocities of gas molecules, Collision properties of gas molecules, Transport phenomena in gases.

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Mathematical Physics by Bergfinnur Durhuus and Jan Philip Solovej

The main focus of this note is on theoretical developments rather than elaborating on concrete physical systems, which the students are supposed to encounter in regular physics courses. Topics covered includes: Newtonian Mechanics, Lagrangian Mechanics, Hamiltonian Mechanics, Hilbert Spaces, Operators on Hilbert spaces and Quantum mechanics.

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Mathematical Structures in Physics

Main goal of this note is to show the appropriate mathematics to a student of physics, roughly familiar with all classes of theoretical physics except for quantum field theory. Topics covered includes: Newtonian mechanics, Lagrangian mechanics, Classical field theories, Hamiltonian mechanics, Quantum mechanics.

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Fundamentals of Engineering Mechanics

IIT Guwahati

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Mechanics and Materials Lecture Notes

This note provides an introduction to the mechanics of solids with applications to science and engineering. Itemphasize the three essential features of all mechanics analyses, namely: (a) the geometry of the motion and/or deformation of the structure, and conditions of geometric fit, (b) the forces on and within structures and assemblages; and (c) the physical aspects of the structural system which quantify relations between the forces and motions/deformation.

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A Text book of medical physics

This work aims to impart a knowledge of the relations existing between Physics and Medicine in their latest state of development, and to embody in the pursuit of this object whatever experience the author has obtained during a long period of teaching this special branch of applied science. Topics covered includes: Matter, Ultimate Composition Of Matter, Hydrometers, Hydrodynamics, Gaseous Matter, Kinetic Energy, Machines And Inclined Plane, Electricity, Dynamic Electricity.

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Medical Physics as a Medical Physics as a Career

This note covers the following topics: Medical Physics Disciplines, Cell Killing By Ionizing Radiation Cell Killing By Ionizing Radiation, Diagnostic Radiological Physics, Medical Nuclear Physics, Therapeutic Radiological Therapeutic Radiological Physics, Therapy Responsibilities Therapy Responsibilities, Magnetic Resonance Imaging, MR Spectroscopy.

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Modern Physics Lecture Notes by Jozef Dudek

This note covers the following topics: Quantum Revolution, The Photoelectric Effect, Energy Conservation, Atomic Energy Levels From Spectra, Hydrogen Energy Level Spectrum, Investigating Electrons, Two Slits With Waves, The Planetary Model Of The Atom, The Quantum Picture Of The Atom, Nuclear Physics, The Strong Nuclear Force, Nuclear Decay, Beta Decay, Gamma Decay, Rates Of Decay, Nuclear Fission, Particle Physics.

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Modern Physics by Dan Styer

This note explains the following topics: Relativity, with an emphasis on dynamics, Classical waves, Quantum mechanics, Applications of quantum mechanics to atomic physics, nuclear physics, particle physics, solid state physics and statistical physics.

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Nuclear Physics Fundamentals and Applications

Nuclear physics is started with few experiments and some theoretical modeling and we have just completed hundred years of that. Topics covered includes: nuclear model of atom, Nuclear Size, Semi empirical Mass Formula.

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Introductory Nuclear Engineering

This note will cover a range of topics pertinent to nuclear engineering, including particle physics, neutron theory, nuclear reactor design, medical applications, societal impacts of nuclear power. Major topics covered includes:  Special Relativity, Schroedinger's Wave Equation, Nuclear Models, Nuclear Decay Kinetics, Binary Nuclear Reactions, Fission and Fusion, Radiation, Nuclear Reactor Theory: Six Factor Formula, Reactor Design, Reactor Kinetics, Neutron Transport, Light Water Reactors, The Nuclear Fuel Cycle, Radiation Detection and Measurement, Nuclear Materials, Radiation Doses, Nuclear Reactor Safety and Nuclear Accidents.

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Advances in Lasers and Electro Optics

This book is divided in four sections. The book presents several physical effects and properties of materials used in lasers and electro-optics in the first chapter and, in the three remaining chapters, applications of lasers and electro-optics in three different areas are presented.

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Lecture Notes on Optics by Professor Eithne McCabe

This lecture note covers following topics related to optics: Physical Optics, Interaction of Light with Matter, Polarisation, Interference and Diffraction.

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The Standard Model of Particle Physics

This note covers the following topics: Concepts of Quantum Field Theory and the Standard Model, Construction Of The Standard Model, One Generation of Leptons and Quarks, Fermion Masses, Three Generations of Quarks and Lepton, The Structure of the Strong Interactions, Phenomenology of the Strong Interactions, Topology of Gauge Fields, The Strong CP-Problem.

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Modern Experimental Particle Physics

This note addresses current research topics in particle and astroparticle physics, and focuses on aspects of current and future experiments in the area. It consists of 2 major parts: Current Front-line Research, and Experiments and Methods, representing 7.5 ECTS credits together.

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Fundamentals of Plasma Physics

This book explains the following topics: Derivation of fluid equations, Motion of a single plasma particle, Elementary plasma waves, Streaming instabilities and the Landau problem, Cold plasma waves in a magnetized plasma, Waves in inhomogeneous plasmas and wave energy relations, Vlasov theory of warm electrostatic waves in a magnetized plasma, Stability of static MHD equilibria, Magnetic helicity interpreted and Woltjer-Taylor relaxation, Fokker-Planck theory of collisions, Wave-particle nonlinearities, Wave-wave nonlinearities, Non-neutral plasmas and Dusty plasmas.

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Draft Material for Fundamentals of Plasma Physics book

The primary objective of this book is to present and develop the fundamentals and principal applications of plasma physics, with an emphasis on what is usually called high-temperature plasma physics where the plasma is nearly fully ionized with nearly negligible effects of neutral particles on the plasma behavior. Topics covered includes: Fundamental Processes in Plasmas, various types of waves that occur in stable plasmas, Plasma kinetic theory and its applications, The equilibrium and stability properties of a plasma, nonlinear plasma theory, and to plasma turbulence and the anomalous transport.

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Psychophysical Methods

This note covers the following topics: History and example experiments, Concept of threshold, Absolute Threshold, Differential Threshold, Classical Psychophysical Methods with experiments, Methods of constant stimuli, Methods of adjustment , Methods of limits, Signal Detection Theory, How to design an experiment.

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Color Appearance Models (PDF 68P)

This note contains the following subtopics such as Color AppearancePhenomena, Chromatic Adaptation, Structure of Color Appearance Models, CIECAM02 and Image Appearance: iCAM

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Introduction to Quantum Field Theory by Marina von Steinkirch

This book is divided into two parts. The first part is the old-school way of learning quantum field theory. The second part is dedicated to Topological Field Theories. Topics covered includes: Spin Zero, Fields with Spin, Non-Abelian Field Theories, Quantum Electrodynamics, Electroweak Theory, Quantum Chromodynamics, Renormalization, Sigma Model, Topological Field Theories.

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Quantum Field Theory By Eric D Hoker

This note covers the following topics:Quantum Mechanics, Principles of Relativistic Quantum Field Theory, Free Field Theory, Interacting Field Theories – Gauge Theories, The S-matrix and LSZ Reduction formulas, Functional Methods in Scalar Field Theory, Perturbative Renormalization, Functional Integrals for Fermi Fields, Quantum Electrodynamics, 2 QED: Radiative Corrections, Functional Integrals For Gauge Fields, Anomalies in QED, Perturbative Non-Abelian Gauge Theories, One-Loop renormalization of Yang-Mills theory, Non-perturbative Renormalization, Global Internal Symmetries.

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Notes on Quantum Mechanics with Examples of Solved Problems

This book explains the following topics: Schrodinger equation, Wronskian theorem, Hilbert Spaces for Physicists, Postulates of Quantum Mechanics, Harmonic Oscillator in Operatorial Form, Angular momentum quantization, Symmetries in Quantum Mechanics, Spin, Identical particles, Hydrogen atom, Time-dependent and independent perturbation theory, Path integral approach to quantum mechanics, : Semiclassical quantum mechanics.

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Lecture Notes on Quantum Mechanics J Greensite

This note explains the following topics: The Classical State, Historical Origins of Quantum Mechanics, The Wave-like Behaviour of Electrons, Energy and Uncertainty, Quantum State, Operators and Observations, Rectangular Potentials, The Harmonic Oscillator, Spectrum of Angular Momentum, Aspects of Spin, Electron Spin, Approximation Methods, Quantum Mechanics as Linear Algebra, Feynman Path-Integral Quantization.

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Lecture Notes Quantum Physics

This note explains the following topics: Quantum phenomena, The Photoelectric effect, Particle properties of photons, Particle-like properties of waves, Compton effect - photon or particle scattering, Pair production and annihilation, Wave-like properties of particles, Electron diffraction, Particle in a box, The Uncertainty Principle, Analysis in terms of waves, Thermal Phenomena, The hydrogen atom, Bohr model of hydrogen atom, Quantum Mechanics, Steady state Schroedinger Equation, Wavefunctions and energy states, Finite potential well, Harmonic oscillator, Potential barriers and tunnelling, Angular Momentum.

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Quantum Physics by Prof. Graeme Ackland

This note covers the following topics: Time-Independent Non-degenerate Perturbation Theory, Dealing with Degeneracy, Degeneracy, Symmetry and Conservation Laws, Time--dependence, Two state systems, Hydrogen ion and Covalent Bonding, The Variational Principle, Indistinguishable Particles and Exchange, Self-consistent field theory, Fundamentals of Quantum Scattering Theory, Scattering in three dimensions, Quantum Scattering Theory, Partial Waves.

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Gamma Radiation

This book brings new research insights on the properties and behavior of gamma radiation, studies from a wide range of options of gamma radiation applications in Nuclear Physics, industrial processes, Environmental Science, Radiation Biology, Radiation Chemistry, Agriculture and Forestry, sterilization, food industry, as well as the review of both advantages and problems that are present in these applications. Because of the global importance of gamma radiation, the content of this book will be interesting for the wider audience as well.

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Radiation and particle detectors

The purpose of this note is to explain a range of principles and actual devices used to detect photons and ionized particles. Topics covered includes: Interaction of particles and radiation with matter, Units and detector characteristics, Gas-filled detectors, Surface photoemission detectors , Semiconductor detectors.

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Lecture Notes on General Relativity by S. Hollands and Ko Sanders

These lecture notes on General Relativity intend to give an introduction to all aspects of Einstein’s theory: ranging form the conceptual via the mathematical to the physical. Topics covered includes: Special Relativity, Time and Space in Classical Mechanics, Electromagnetism and Poincar´e Invariance, Spacetime in Special Relativity, Mathematics of Minkowski Spacetime, Mechanics in Special Relativity, Observer Dependence and Paradoxes, General Relativity, Applications of General Relativity, Cosmological Solutions to Einstein’s Equation, Black Holes, Linearized Gravity and Gravitational Radiation, The Global Positioning System.

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Notes on Relativity and Cosmology

This book explains the following topics: Space, Time, and Newtonian Physics, Maxwell, E and M, and the Ether, Einstein and Inertial Frames, Minkowskian Geometry, Accelerating Reference Frames, Dynamics, Relativity and the Gravitational Field, General Relativity and Curved Spacetime, Black Hole, Cosmology.

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Introduction to solid state theory by Prof. Thomas Pruschke

This note explains the following topics: The solid as quantum system, The homogeneous electron gas, Lattices and crystals, Electrons in a periodic potential, Lattice dynamics, Electron Dynamics, Magnetism, Superconductivity, Theory of scattering from crystals.

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Advanced Solid State Physics Notes

This note covers the following Topics includes: Schrodinger Equation, Quantization, Quantization of the Electromagnetic Field, Photonic Crystals, Phonons, Electrons, Crystal Physics, Magnetism and Response to Electric and Magnetic Fields, Transport Regimes, Quasiparticles, Dielectrics and Ferroelectrics, Superconductivity.

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Notes On Statistical Mechanics by K.P.N. Murthy

Statistical mechanics provides a theoretical bridge that takes you from the micro world to the macro world. Topics covered includes: Micro-Macro Synthesis, Maxwell’s Mischief, Binomial, Poisson, and Gaussian, Isolated System: Micro canonical Ensemble, Closed System, Open System, Quantum Statistics, Bose-Einstein Condensation, Statistical Mechanics of Harmonic Oscillators.

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Lecture Notes in Statistical Mechanics and Mesoscopics

This lecture note covers the following topics: Thermal Equilibrium, Systems with interactions , Fluctuations and Response, System interacting with a bath, introduction to master equations, non-equilibrium processes, fluctuation theorems, linear response theory, adiabatic transport, Kubo formalism and the scattering approach to mesoscopics.

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Statistical Physics by Prof. Ulrich Schwarz

This note covers the following topics: Probability theory, The microcanonical ensemble, The canonical ensemble, The grandcanonical ensemble, Quantum fluids, Phase transitions, Thermodynamics, Dynamics.

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Lectures on Statistical Physics by D. Leites

The book is addressed to mathematicians physicists of any level. Topics covered includes: The Ensemble of Microscopic Subsystems, Real gases, The Quantum Statistical Physics, Ensemble of microscopic subsystems, Quantum gases.

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Superconductors Materials, Properties and Applications

The book includes 17 chapters written by noted scientists and young researchers and dealing with various aspects of superconductivity, both theoretical and experimental. Topics covered includes: Field-Induced Superconductors, X-Ray Spectroscopy Studies of Iron Chalcogenides, Defect Structure Versus Superconductivity in MeB2 Compounds and One-Dimensional Superconductors, Superconducting Magnet Technology and Applications, Pseudogap and Local Pairs in High-Tc Superconductors, Magnetic Texturing of High-Tc Superconductors.

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Theory of Superconductivity

This note explains the following topics: BCS theory, Andreev reflection, superconductor,Weak links, Quantum phenomena in Josephson junction.

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Introduction to Theoretical Polymer Physics

This note describes the following topics: Random Walk models of polymer conformations, Gaussian chain, Self-avoiding walks and excluded-volume interaction, Scale invariance, Relation between self-avoiding walks and critical phenomena, Self-consistent field theory for polymers, Screening of excluded volume interactions, Flory-Huggins theory, Theta collapse, Blob concept, Generic phase diagram of polymer solutions, Rouse model, Zimm model, Hydrodynamic screening in semidilute solutions, Reptation model.

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Techniques Of Theoretical Physics

This note provides an application of mathematical methods to problems in theoretical physics. Topics covered includes: A variety of techniques employing calculus, Introduction to complex numbers, matrices, vector calculus, Fourier series, and differential equations.

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Treatise on Thermodynamics

This is an introductory text-book on Thermodynamics for students who have taken elementary courses in Physics and Chemistry, and are familiar with the elements of the Differential and Integral Calculus. Topics covered includes: Fundamental Facts And Definitions, The First Fundamental Principle Of Thermodynamics, The Second Fundamental Principle Of Thermodynamics, Applications To Special States Of Equilibrium.

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Applied Thermodynamics NPTEL

This note covers the following topics: Property relationships for pure substances and Mixtures, Thermodynamic Relations, Ideal Gas Mixtures, Combustion Thermodynamics, Gas Power Cycles, Vapour Power Cycles, Refrigeration Cycles, Reciprocating Compressors, Compressible Flows and Steam Nozzles.

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Introduction to Mechanical Vibration

This note explains the following topics: Modeling, Linearization, Free Undamped Vibration, Measurement and Design Consideration, Forced Undamped Vibration, Force Damped Vibration, Free Undamped Vibration, Response to Free Undamped Vibration, Design for Vibration Suppression or Absorbers, Vibration Testing.

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Waves and Oscillations by Matthew Jones

This note explains the physics of waves and oscillations including sound, elastic and electromagnetic waves. Topics covered includes: the theory of simple harmonic oscillators, transverse modes of a continuous string, and physical optics including interference, Fresnel and Fraunhofer diffraction, and resolution, to diffraction of X-rays and electrons by crystals.

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